Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops As Low As $24/Sq.Ft. Installed!

We Offer Brushed and Leather Finish On All Slabs.granite-countertops-advice

With years of experience and many satisfied clients, we can provide the quality and service you desire. View our  testimonials at Google, Yahoo, Angie’s List and other websites.

We deliver granite kitchen countertops within 200 miles of the Chicago land area! We install granite and marble in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.

The colors below represent only a few samples of popular granite slabs that we have in stock. Come to our granite and quartz warehouse and take a look at all the colors we currently have!

Pick-up orders: 
If priced below $26 – deduct $6.
If priced $27 to $30 – deduct $8.
If priced above $31 – deduct $10


SPECIAL – Price Range: $24-$29 Sq. Ft. Installed

LEVEL 1 – Price Range: $30-$34 Sq. Ft. Installed

LEVEL 2 – Price Range: $35-$40 Sq. Ft. Installed

LEVEL 3 – Price Range: $41-$50 Sq. Ft. Installed

LEVEL 4 – Price Range: $51 and up Sq. Ft. Installed

The granite colors are different with each shipment.
The great thing about granite and marble is that each and every stone slab is unique and different. This ensures that your granite countertop, vanity top or other granite or marble project will be forever one of a kind! Granite, marble and limestone are products of nature and there will always be  a slight variation in stone color, veining, fissures, spotting, quartz, mineral deposits, shade, and texture.

Key benefits of our installation service:
- Professional installation of granite.
- Installation of your new or existing sink.
- The service includes full installation; no surprises at the end.
- Removal of existing tops and plumbing connection at an additional cost.

Please contact us if you need to see the granite samples.

*The photo images may differ from actual products.
*Prices and availability may change without notice.

We service:
Chicago land area!
Northwest IN
Southeast Wisconsin

Kitchen and Bath