New Caledonia Granite

New Caledonia granite
New Caledonia granite Slab

Slab Specs: 
Primary Color(s): Brown
Accent Color(s): Gray, Black
Material Type: Granite

Price Range: Low
Finish: Polished 
Slab Thickness: 3cm
Country: Brazil


Transform your home today with New Caledonia granite! Our most popular and consistent natural stone, this beautiful combination of grey, brown, and black clusters will create a timeless look that is perfect for countertops, fireplaces or Jacuzzis. Let the versatile nature of this stunning Granite bring warmth to any part of your residence.

New Caledonia granite is an excellent material for the home, offering exquisite beauty and durability that will withstand ordinary wear and tear. The advantages of this amazing natural stone make it one of the best options available on the market today. With lasting elegance, you can be sure your remodeling project was a great decision even years after installation! Without question, New Caledonia granite will exceed all expectations – making your house look stunningly beautiful while providing superior quality at an affordable price.