Granite Office Desks

Office granite desks

Spice up your office desks with granitenano glass or Quartz tops.

Executive Desk can be topped with an elegant granite top that adds sophistication and a touch of earthiness to the space. Granite or marble signifies majesty and serenity.
Natural stone is affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing materials and it comes in all colors.
Granite and marble are the most popular materials for countertops by homeowners and commercial business owners.
Slabs leftover from other projects can be used for table tops, desks, coffee tables to create gorgeous custom tops.
Granite, nano glass or Quartz desk is easy to maintain and will last for years to come.

Make your office desk one-of-a-kind

Factory Plaza carry over 1000 slabs and hundreds of remnant stone pieces to select for small projects.


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