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Experience superior precision, reliability and speed with a state-of-the-art CNC wood machine. The perfect choice for cutting wood, plywood and melamine boards. This advanced piece of technology ensures unmatched accuracy each time.

We make both standard and custom cabinets for your home, office or business needs, including kitchens, storage spaces and closets. You can select from our 30 standard colors, or pick any color of your choice.


Aside from providing standard cabinets, our expertise lies in creating custom cabinets that cater to your preferred colors and sizes. 


Whether you require wood, melamine, lummia or acrylic cabinets, we offer a comprehensive range of options to suit your needs.


Allow us to transform your vision into reality! Our team will be happy to bring to life your ideal kitchen or custom build.

American Wood Cabinets door colors

At Factory Plaza you can trust that our kitchen cabinets are made in United States and are crafted with excellence.
Factory Plaza is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in the Midwest.

Cabinet Construction:


Door Styles:

Baize Green shaker
♦ Shaker
Moonlight Blue Raised
♦ Raised Panel
White Washed
♦ Flat Panel
Melamine slab doors wood grain e1681272784601
♦ Slab Door

We specialize in creating the finest cabinets for any space for your home, office, or business including closets and storage areas, as well as ADA-compliant cabinets for those with disabilities.

Let us bring your vision to life with a custom wood name, logo design, or any other personalized touch for your residence or business. We specialize in crafting lasting pieces that perfectly reflect you and what makes you unique!

Furthermore, you’re able to customize your space with accessories, hardware, shelves, or any other options that come to mind. Our mission is simple: we deliver functionality and quality simultaneously!

The cabinets we make are from high-quality materials, ensuring that they will last for generations. With a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

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Because of our unmatched customer service, high quality products, and professional staff. We have gathered thousands of happy reviews across the web.

Cabinets made in our facility in Benseville, Illinois surpass other cabinets when it comes to quality, durability, and aesthetics. With a brand new kitchen by Factory Plaza, you’ll be happy for years to come!

Our Framed Cabinets are Well Build

♦ Cabinet Type: framed with full overlay.
♦ Box Construction: UV scratch resistant plywood with 1/2″ plywood back (as opposed to 1/4″ industry standard.) No particle board or MDF used.
♦ Drawers: 1/2″ plywood bottoms (as opposed to 1/4″ industry standard.)
♦ Hinges: 6-Way adjustable, soft close.
♦ Drawer Slides: undermount, soft close, full extension.

drawers build

Our Best Sellers

White wash Stain cabient American Wood Cabinets
Black and white kitchen cabinet mix and calactta white quartz countertops
One of the top color choices for kitchen cabinets is the combination of white and cream colors. This is because shades of white have the ability to enhance the brightness of a room, accentuating its natural lighting and making the kitchen appear larger.

Two-toned cabinets are timeless. They offer a fantastic opportunity to infuse a vibrant burst of color into the kitchen. By incorporating contrasting hues in the upper, lower, or island cabinets, they provide a sense of depth and add to the visual appeal.

Deep Sea Dive Shaker
Moonlight Blue Raised

Shaker is a popular door design with a modern look.

Raised panel is a classic style for more formal, traditional look.

White Washed

Unfinished Cabinet Doors. 

We offer cabinet doors, frames and moldings.


Kitchen Cabinet Door Refacing.

Factory Plaza cabinets help create American Jobs.

There are many reasons to purchase American Wood Cabinets instead of cabinets made overseas:

♦ Good for the economy – purchasing American made products keeps your friends and neighbors employed, and that’s good for the US economy.

♦ Environmental Impact – American made cabinets don’t travel as far from manufacturing facility to the store shelf, which helps reduces the product’s environmental impact.

♦ Quality – We’re proud to offer cabinets that are made in America with care and fine craftsmanship. At Factory Plaza, we use locally sourced Maple hardwood to create the highest quality, US made cabinets.

♦ Right the First Time – American manufacturers have a reputation for getting it right the first time. 

♦ Kitchen cabinets made in other countries are often assembled by severely underpaid workers or children who work in unsafe conditions. American labor laws protect American workers and help ensure fair pay and a safe working environment. Happy workers produce quality products.

Our customers have plenty of choice, but after visiting our showroom they choose us, because they love our cabinets and the prices we offer.

You can say that cabinetry is the crown jewel in every home. Factory Plaza has unique dexterity especially when it comes to kitchen décor.