Remnant stone, granite, marble, Quartz 2018-11-10T12:27:23+00:00

Remnant stone, granite, marble, Quartz

What is Considered a Remnant?
When we cut regular slabs, some pieces are left and are considered remnant.

Granite, marble, Quartz remnant

The remnant pieces range in size from small to large enough for bathroom vanity tops and bars, coffee tables, TV stands, bar tops, shower seats, stair risers, and other small projects.

Free Left-Over Granite
We also offer free granite left-over about 2FT x 4FT and 1-1/4″ thick from our granite countertops fabrication shop. 
The granite is located outside in the back parking lot.
Please Do Not disturb with questions about the free granite left-over.
We will not respond to any questions about the free granite.
Pick-up only. We don’t deliver. The free stone is loaded daily “as is” and “as available”

free remnant granite




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