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Onyx countertops, vanity tops, bars, walls, stairs. Factory Plaza is your professional  fabricator of Onyx countertops or other projects in Chicago area.


Onyx is a sedimentary rock which is formed in caves as stalactites and stalagmites drip to form this precious stone. It is a delicate semi-translucent stone and it comes with wide range of colors.

Onyx is predominately used for wall surrounds, fireplace surrounds, bar tops, islands, wall cladding, tables, vases, urns, wine goblets, lamps, bowls and decorative items. Onyx countertop or bar top might be a rarity but its visual appeal is strikingly dramatic especially with backlighting to draw attention of its transparent qualities .

Onyx should be sealed because it is delicate and prone to staining and scratches.

Onyx wall. Factory Plaza showroom

Onyx wall display at Factory Plaza

onyx lamp

calcita white

White translucent Onyx slabs

desert onyx

emerald onyx

Translucent Onyx stairs at night

Translucent Onyx stairs at night

Onyx stair riser with light

Onyx stair riser with light


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