Schist Slabs

Schist is a medium grade metamorphic rock that have a dazzling sparkle because of the minerals found in it, making it ideal for for all kind of applications such as walls, countertops, vanities, fireplace surrounds, flooring, patios.

In general, schist is fairly suitable for kitchen countertop but similar to marble, schist countertops should be well sealed to prevent staining.

Schist contains over 50% platy and elongated minerals, fine interleaved with quartz and feldspar.
Most common schists are mica, graphite and chlorite schists. They contain micas, chlorite, talc, graphite, and other minerals.

The word schist is derived from the Greek meaning “to split” into flat sheets.
Schist stone contain significant amounts of mica and it is more fragile than granite. Typically schist slabs have mate finish when polished.