Gemstone Countertops

Gemstone countertops, semi precious countertops and vanity tops

semi precious stones gemstones

Semi-precious gemstone is a mineral crystal. Rarity of crystals gives value to gemstones and because of the characteristic luster they have aesthetic value. Semi-precious stones are used to make jewelry and adornments.

Semi-precious stone countertops start as individual, hand selected stones that are cut and bound together by resin to create a smooth and solid surface. Since each slab is composed by hand, it is completely unique. Semi-precious gemstone provide vivid colors and many are translucent creating a one of a kind design and an extraordinary work of art.

The gemstone semi-precious slabs are ordered directly from quarry on your request. We don’t keep the slabs on display. Lead time is 3-4 months. The price of installed countertops is about $200/Sq.Ft.