Countertops Maintenance Service

Clean and Seal Countertops Maintenance Service

Make your granite, marble or engineered stone countertops look beautiful again.
We will clean and seal your countertops in Chicago land area.
Additional mileage charge for out of area service may apply.

We repair granite, marble, quartzite and engineered stone.
As a granite and marble fabricator, we provide full fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance service. We repair chips, seams, cut or polish your stone, drill additional holes, attach the sink to the stone, fasten granite walls block, etc.

We can help you with any granite or marble problems!
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Bacteria resistance capacity of granite
According to a recent study conducted by the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management in Minnesota (an organization that develops educational materials and research for the retail food industry), if bacterial contamination of the kitchen countertop is a concern, granite is a good choice. The study measured the bacteria-resistance capacity of six common countertop materials. Each surface was contaminated with E.coli (nearly 2 billion of the microorganisms), washed and rinsed with soap and water and then sanitized with a vinegar-and-water solution. The results speak for themselves.

One of the best water or stain repellent is Akemi Nano effect Stain Repellent. 1 liter cost about $55. If you notice that water is penetrating into the granite, use this sealer.

Surface microorganisms eliminated by cleaning:

Stainless Steel:85,113,804
Ceramic Tile:293,765