Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone Countertops and vanity tops.
Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that is composed primarily of talc, with varying amounts of chlorite, micas, amphiboles, carbonates and other minerals. Soapstone is unaffected by heat or liquids because it is extremely dense.

Soapstone is relatively soft and it is prone to scratches. If a scratch or mark gets on the stone you don’t like, either rub it out with a dry paper towel and lots of muscle or use a little piece of light grit sandpaper. The sanded stone will return to it’s original gray-blue color.

Soapstone countertops are very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners are installing soapstone countertops because it is a beautiful natural material with a smooth feel. It has an excellent surface for making a pastry dough. It is resistant to etching from acids and and scratches in the countertops can be hand sanded and polished with sandpapers. Soapstone does not etch and is commonly used in chemistry labs due to its durability and natural antibacterial effects.

Soapstone colors range from dark gray to blueish and greenish gray with some veining. Over time as the soapstone is installed, the stone achieves a beautiful patina. Time will make the stone slowly darken from regular use. Also the stone is usually treated with mineral oil and after the treatment the stone will darken.

Soapstone care and maintenance 

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