Modern Mailboxes

Enhance the appearance of your property with  contemporary  modern mailboxes that exude luxury.


By adorning your house with the modern mailbox, you can significantly elevate the overall impression of your home.


This small investment will not only enhance your house’s visual appeal but also increase its value. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for your property.


You can get a custom-made luxury mailbox, crafted from your preferred choice of premium materials such as Calacatta quartz, granite, or nanoglass.

The versatility in options allows you to select a stone slab or mailbox color that perfectly complements your roof or house, creating a harmonious aesthetic.

quartz modern

At Factory Plaza, we specialize in creating personalized, modern luxury mailboxes at an exceptionally affordable price. Moreover, our commitment to quality is reflected in the 15-year warranty provided for the stone slabs accompanying these mailboxes.

luxury modern
Calacatta Modern
modern luxyry mailboxes
granite slab