Factory Plaza is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in the Midwest.

Kitchen cabinets factory

All kitchen cabinets made in our state-of-the-art facility in Bensenville, IL surpass other cabinets when it comes to quality, durability and esthetics.

Before buying kitchen cabinets, please visit Factory Plaza to check our cabinets and prices.

Even though Factory Plaza, Inc has a high volume production line, automated spray booth and an UV coating, a strict attention to detail is given to every cabinet before it’s put on the shelf. Each cabinet is perfectly stained and painted. We are proud that Factory Plaza can offer the homeowners, builders and contractors alike the finest product that is made on American soil, at a price that’s easily affordable.

Every cabinet is made with integrity and pride using a combination of technology and manual sanding. Our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cabinetry making. Our kitchen cabinets are constructed with the best quality materials for unmatched stability and beauty. Raised panel doors are made from Maple wood, no MDF used. Boxes are made from plywood, no particle boards or MDF used.

We offer wood doors, frames and moldings to distributors and contractors.

Proudly made in the USA by Factory Plaza:

Espresso and White Lace.

Espresso door

White Lace Door

Raised panel is a classic style for more formal, traditional look.

Shaker has clean slab door for a modern look.

Our production line is offering the best prices possible for the standard sizes.

 Best offer

RTA Wholesale Sample Prices to distributors.

Factory prices to customers are available.

As a kitchen cabinets factory we don’t offer kitchen designs or installation services.
Top Quality Face Frame Cabinets. Maple Wood, Raised Panel Door.
Please visit us for prices on all cabinets and accessories. 

SIZE $ 36” $ 42 $
W0930 $44 W0936 $49.56 W0942 $55.16
W1230 $48 W1236 $55.16 W1242 $60.76
W1530 $54 W1536 $60.76 W1542 $66.36
W1830 $63 W1836 $67.76 W1842 $73.36
W2130 $68 W2136 $73.36 W2142 $80.36
W2430 $75 W2436 $82.32 W2442 $92.12
W2730 $81 W2736 $87.92 W2742 $96.32
W3030 $87 W3036 $94.92 W3042 $103.32
W3330 $91 W3336 $100.52 W3342 $108.92
W3630 $96 W3636 $106.12 W3642 $115.92


B09 80.36 DB12 137.20
B12 90.16 DB15 148.40
B15 98.56 DB18 161.00
B18 111.16 DB21 172.20
B21 116.76 DB24 184.80
B24 127.12 DB27 196.00
B27 135.52 DB30 207.20
B30 142.52    
B33 150.92    
B36 164.92    
B42 197.12    


Our kitchen cabinets come with these standard features:
Framed kitchen cabinet.
Solid Maple wood doors and frames.
Door Style: Raised panel or shaker, full overlay.
Box Construction: Multi-ply plywood. The back of the box comes with 1/2″ plywood  (no particle board or MDF used).
Cabinet Interior: UV scratch resistant coating.
Drawers: 1/2″ UV plywood sides and bottom. Full extension, soft close undermount slides.
Hinges: Soft close, adjustable.
Proudly made in the USA

Locally grown Maple has a strong, close-grained wood, predominantly off-white in color, although it also contains light hues of yellow and brown.

“The Cabinets We Make and Sell Help Create American Jobs”
Buying an American made kitchen cabinets is better than purchasing one made overseas. First off – American manufacturers have a reputation for getting it right the first time. The kitchen cabinets made in other countries might be assembled by severely underpaid workers or children who work in unsafe conditions. On the other hand American workers are protected by strict labor laws that help ensure fair pay and a safe working environment. Buying American made products also keeps your friends and neighbors employed, and that’s good for the U.S. economy. The job creation ripples through the economy to transportation, utilities, equipment and the service/retail industries.
Plus, American made cabinets don’t travel as far from manufacturing facility to the store shelf, which helps reduces the product’s environmental impact.

Our customers have plenty of choice, but after visiting our showroom they choose us, because they love our cabinets and the prices we offer.