Kitchen Cabinets Per Linear Foot

Make your dream kitchen a reality without spending more than you have to.

Frameless kitchen cabinets per linear foot 
Melamine $120 per LF
Lummia $135 per LF 
Limited Time Offer


The above price is for wall cabinets and base cabinets with 1 drawer. For additional drawers add $50 per drawer. Pantry linear foot multiply by 3.

Melamine intrigue and marble kitchen.
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Melamine Cabinets Calculator


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Linear foot price calculation of Melamine cabinets example:
10 feet of base cabinets.
10 feet of wall cabinets.
Total length is 20 feet.
20′ x $120 = $2,400
24″ pantry $660 (3x $120 = $360 x 2′ = $720)
2 additional drawers $100
Total Price $3,220

The price is for cabinets only. Panels, fillers and moldings are not included.

In order to make your life easier, we keep the process simple. All you have to do is to measure length of your kitchen cabinets without appliances and multiply it by the price-per-foot, and that will give you the cost of your cabinets.

Looking for high-quality and stylish cabinets? Look no further than our Melamine and Lummia European-style cabinets! They’re gorgeous, affordably priced, and will be delivered to you in a flash!

When it comes to pricing cabinetry per linear foot, the believed 10′ x 10′ kitchen cabinets pricing in showrooms is deceptive.

L shaped display kitchen hypothetically measures 10’x10′ but if you measure just the cabinets, you will find out that the size of the cabinets is closer to 7′ x 7′

This kitchen model has a large window, stove and refrigerator, so there are big open spaces without cabinets that add to the cost.

The displays have 4 wall cabinets, only 30 inch high. When measuring walls that are 10 feet long, blind or dead corners are counted twice.

In order to be transparent with our customers, we explain common industry tricks and we work hard to provide simple estimates for kitchen cabinets.

Factory Plaza makes quality kitchen cabinets for customers, contractors, and builders at an affordable prices.