Lummia Tafisa Doors

Lummia Tafisa Doors, A Superior Lacquering Technology. High gloss or matte finishes.

When you choose Lummia kitchen cabinets, you’re getting material that is thoroughly researched and stunning. Lummia amazing colors reveal another stunning innovation that will dazzle you.

Lummia Tafisa kitchen cabinets American Wood Cabinet
The Lummia surface is offered in both matte and high gloss finishes. The matte finish resists fingerprints and has a soft, soapstone-like feel
Lummia black kitchen cabinets with white countertops
Lummia matte cainets
Lummia cabinets and white tops

Lummia Color Selection

Tafisa Lummia frameless cabinets showroom
Frameless cabinets American Wood Cabinets 2
Lummia Tafisa black matte kitchen
Lummia bathroom vanity