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Unfinished kitchen cabinet doors

Buy direct from the factory at wholesale prices
Excellent value on the unfinished doors.

We use premium North American Maple wood to make the wood doors. Maple has a straight, close grain with a fine, uniform texture. It is durable with excellent wear resistance. Maple is a very hard hardwood, harder than Oak. On the Janka hardness scale, Maple ranks 1,450 while red oak ranks 1,290 and Poplar ranks 540.

Unfinished Raised Panel Doors
Select Maple frame and panel.
Rails and Stile (door frame) 3″ width and 3/4″ thick.



Unfinished Shaker Doors
Select Maple frame and premium grade MDF panel.
Rails and Stile (door frame) 3″ width and 3/4″ thick.

The unfinished doors are pre-sanded with 180 grid.






Unfinished Slab Doors
¾” Premium grade Hard Density Board


We sell unfinished complete cabinets with face frames and boxes

Paint finish add $11/SF
Stain finish add $12/SF

Home handymen can easily stain or paint maple after viewing how to stain or how to paint cabinet doors on Youtube.com. If you’re a complete novice you may want to hire a professional to finish your doors for you.

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