Big kitchen or small kitchen, white and blue will be the dominant colors in 2021

A large, spacious kitchen looks good with white or white and blue. As we are all gearing up to potentially another year of spending more time in the house, there’s never been a better year to think about getting a kitchen refurbishment! If you’re thinking of getting a new kitchen designed this year, think about the cabinet’s […]

White Granite Countertops

White Granite Countertops Emerging from utmost luxury, white granite countertops have been a trendy and timeless upgrade to many of the kitchens across the world. Apart from being extremely durable, hard, heat and scratch resistant, these natural stones make an utter brilliant choice for your kitchen counters and the high-traffic areas of your homes. Its […]

Granite Journey From Quarry To Your Kitchen

First, the raw granite is mined from the granite rocks in the earth. Granite blocks are obtained from special sites that are known as quarries. Today, most of granite used for countertops in United States come from Brazil, India, Italy, Norway and China. In order to get the granite into transportable blocks, small holes are […]

Granite Office Desks

Spice up your office desks with granite, nano glass or Quartz tops. Granite slabs can be used to create custom desks. Executive Desk can be topped with an elegant granite top that adds sophistication and a touch of earthiness to the space. Granite or marble signifies majesty and serenity. Natural stone is affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing materials and […]

Granite Countertops Fabrication Process

Nothing completes a kitchen look like granite countertops. Granite, marble, quartzite, dolamite or soapstone countertops give an aesthetic and impressive appearance to a kitchen or bathroom. The natural coveted and beautiful stones has been used to construct and decorate homes since the days of ancient Egypt. The processes that involve extracting, cutting, finishing, and installing the […]

Granite Advantages

Granite is a natural crystalline ingenious rock that is chiefly mined in India, Brazil, and China. Granite has a lot of good properties include a distinct pattern, varied colors, durable, heat and scratch resistant. Among many granite advantages one is that granite is luxurious, durable, and diverse natural material to use in any home and it […]

Countertops Measuring Tips

Once you have decided to fabricate and install your stone project, the next step would be the actual measuring of your countertops. The following tips will make the process much easier and more efficient for you and your granite fabricator. At the time of the final countertops measuring and templating, a decision making adult should be […]

Granite Countertops Pick-Up Tips

Granite Countertops for pick-up are fabricated to your specifications. You are responsible for the final dimensions of your countertops and a legible shop ticket. The shop ticket with the drawing/template is made according to your specifications including dimensions, backsplashes, sinks, hole cut-outs, edge profiles, stone color and overhangs. It is recommended that any changes to the […]