Granite Countertop Design Ideas

Looking to change up your countertops by adding a new granite slab that speaks to your design taste? You’ve come to the right place.

Granite has a wide variety of colors and veining patterns for you to choose from. It’s a great material if you want to add a bit of a statement to your counters while keeping the overall design chic. Here are a few granite countertop design ideas that you’ll love.

Match your tile backsplash to your countertop
No matter what color and pattern of granite you choose, matching the tile behind your counters to the countertop itself can help bring cohesion to your kitchen.

Go for color
Spice up your counter with some color. The great thing about granite is it comes in many colors. If you want a statement counter, go with an exotic granite granite that comes with a variety of colors. Pick the perfect earthy color to liven up your space.

Black kitchen cabinets with Delicatus granite Countertops

Black countertops
Often, consumers choose a creamy beige granite color for their countertops. However, a black granite countertop with white veining can add a sophisticated touch to your space. Also black countertops can give a contrast to your floor, cabinets or cabinet handles.

black counters white kitchen cabainets

White colors
On the opposite spectrum of black, make your granite countertop white. Pure white granite does not exist, it comes with gray, beige, brown and other shades. White color can help bring light into your space and seamlessly match with your cabinets.

White cabinetry with quartz countertops

Consider edges
Your granite countertop’s edges don’t have to be square and straight. Different designs for the edges of your countertop exist. Try bevel edge or a designed edge with curves and lines. This little detail will help your granite countertop be truly of your design.

The design of your granite countertops should speak to you. It’s a decision that requires considering many factors. Factory Plaza can help you sort all of this out and install the perfect granite countertop for your space and design taste.


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