How to Look for a Good Granite Countertop Shop

When you’re in the market for a new countertop, you want to make sure you get the best of the best! That means going with a granite countertop shop that knows your needs and can deliver on them. Here’s how to find that special shop.

See What Others Say
A good rule of thumb when finding a granite countertop shop is to ask around. Start with your family and friends and ask about where they went to get their countertops done and if they’d recommend it. 
Next, look online at reviews for various countertop shops. See what other people recommend and what others don’t recommend.

Blue Pearl granite and black kitchen cabients

How to look for for a Granite Countertop Shop
It’s easiest to get all your granite countertop work done at one shop. This means it’s best to go with a shop that has a big slab inventory to choose from. No need to waste your precious time traveling from the fabricator to the slab warehouse. If you have to go to another shop to get the slab, this is just an inconvenience for you.
In addition, if you find a fault in your countertops surface, the fabricator will not take the responsibility for it since it was not the fabricator material and the stone supplier may blame the fabricator.
In most cases the surface imperfections are not visible in slab warehouses because the slabs are stored in a vertical position and there is not enough light. Once you have your tops in a horizontal position and in your kitchen with good light and daylight, you may spot imperfections like swirls, pits and cracks.
Also, make sure the shop has a nice showroom with kitchen displays and countertops laid out. It’s great to see the granite countertop in person, rather than just through a picture or a small sample.
Also, reputation matter. Go with a shop that has been in business for a long time and still has great reviews. They’ve most likely perfected the process by now more than a shop that’s just starting out.
Also, make sure the shop is good at answering calls about your product. You can test this out by calling them before you decide to buy their product. How responsive are they here? Larger companies typically have better service because they have more employees, but it all depends on each individual shop.

Look Around
Don’t go with the first granite countertop shop you hear about. Search around and keep these tips in mind.


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