Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Want to update your kitchen but not sure how? Let us help you pick out a kitchen cabinet set that’s customized exactly how you want it. Our semi-custom kitchen cabinets come in standard sizes with the option for custom sizing, if needed.

Standard Cabinet Sizes

The standard size cabinets we offer are an excellent option if our dimensions match what you’re looking for. The standard size cabinets are always less expensive than custom cabinets but have the same great quality.

flat panel cabinets

Custom Cabinet Sizes

American Wood Cabinets offer a variety of cabinet standard sizes, but understand that not all standard size cabinets will fit every space. That’s why, if needed, we can fill the space for you with custom sizes made exactly for your place and needs. Give us the specifics, and Factory Plaza will make any size cabinet exactly to your specifications.

On top of the perfect sized cabinet for your space, Factory Plaza also offers various colors, so you can pick a shade that’s perfect for your kitchen. We have 30 standard colors to choose from. This includes stain colors and paint colors that range from simple black to blue or white.

However, if you don’t find the exact shade for your cabinets, let us know. We’ll mix up a custom color that’s perfect for you and your kitchen.

kitchen cabinets 1

Bring New Life In

Deciding to improve your kitchen space can seem like a huge job. That’s why we like to make it easy on our customers by offering these simple customizations that are life-savers. Bring new life into your kitchen with updated cabinets. We’ll make them perfectly coordinate with your home.


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