Custom Kitchen Cabinets by American Wood Cabinets

American Wood Cabinets have been proudly manufactured in the USA by Factory Plaza. With quality local Maple wood, best on the market finishes, rigid boxes and drawers, American Wood Cabinets are made to last.

What Finish Do You Want? 
At Factory Plaza, we believe that you should have options. A custom kitchen should be an expression of your heart. That’s why we have various paints, finishes, stains, and more for you to choose from. Here are our different options:

Custom kitchen cabinets by American Wood Cabinets

Paint finish – this is a great option if you want to add a pop of color to your kitchen. So often a kitchen is left to a dull white or brown color only. Add a bit of dimension with colorful kitchen cabinets.

Stained wood – If you are a big fan of the neutrals, no problem! We have you covered with our plethora of stained wood options. These options are sure to not break down over the course of time and to stay effortlessly chic for you. From light beige to dark black stains, we have every option you could choose from.


Style of Door 
We also believe customization should be applied to the style of door you choose. That’s why we have options of raised panel doors, slab doors, shaker, and flat panel doors. We have over 30 standard colors on display and any custom color you wish to have. When you visit Factory Plaza to select the cabinet door style and color, you will  find just what you’re looking for.

White shaker cabinets and Ornamental granite tops

We Get it Right  
When it comes to your custom cabinets in your house, you want the best quality
. You will find it at Factory Plaza 

We aim to have your kitchen cabinets done perfectly and to the best of our ability from the start. We build cabinets that are meant to last the test of time. 


Cabinets installation  
While installations of custom kitchen cabinets can be done on your own, it’s best to have a professional install your kitchen cabinets correctly from the start. That’s where we come in.


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