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When ordering your kitchen cabinets, you want to hire a wood shop that knows how to make quality cabinets. Our brand, American Wood Cabinets, is here to meet all of your needs and give you the ins and outs of how to pick a good wood shop for your cabinet desires.

Giallo granite and white Shaker
What to Look for in a Good Wood Shop

American Wood Cabinets are made with quality in mind. You’ll see this how our company meets all of the requirements listed below. We believe that a good cabinet starts with a great woodshop following these standards:

Trust the Ratings – You’ll want to go with a wood shop that has a 4+ star rating. Ours has a competitive rating that resembles the effort and artistry we put towards our work.

The Shop Makes it – With our shop, we build the cabinets and doors on site. This is important to note since many shops make only boxes and then they buy the doors from a third party. With this method, you don’t get a fully cohesive product.

Solid Products – Our cabinets are meant to stand the test of time. This means making rigid cabinet boxes that can hang on the wall without a fear that they may break. We also spend time crafting our drawers to slide effortlessly and hold the weight of your dishes placed inside. Check the boxes and drawers’ description.

Color Variety – Our wood shop has a variety of colors that you can choose from for free. When building a cabinet into your kitchen, you’ll want it to enhance the decoration of your kitchen, our color options do that for you. Also, our shop can make custom colors if you aren’t satisfied with the standard options.

Wood Shop molder
processing cabinet door parts at factory

Don’t Skimp on Price
For your cabinets, you want to go with a company that knows how quality products are made and has a legacy for durability. American Wood Cabinets at Factory Plaza hold up under all accounts and are a great option to re-vamp your home.


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