Raised Panel: The Perfect Cabinet Doors For a Traditional Kitchen
Do you like traditional kitchens more than today’s modern look kitchens? Then Raised Panel Cabinets are the perfect style for you!
In a traditional kitchen design you are very likely to find Raised Panel Cabinets. Choosing the right cabinets has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen design. Raised Panel Cabinets are one of our most popular styles. Factory Plaza makes the raised panels from premium North American Maple wood, the most popular material for kitchen cabinets. Maple wood is a very hard wood and therefore a very durable material for kitchen cabinets.
Cinamon gray kitchen cabinets

What makes raised panel so unique and different from other cabinet styles?
Raised Panel Cabinets have a center panel with a raised profile that gives it a very classic and elegant look. To compare raised panel from flat panel, slab panel, and shaker style cabinets check it here

Raised Panel Cabinet 5

Now that you’ve found the perfect cabinet style, you’re ready to choose from over 30 unique colors for your Raised Panel Cabinets. You can visit our showroom to see the different colors first hand.

Different Cabinet Colors 5

If you are still debating whether you like the traditional kitchen style then click on the following link. We’ll go over different kitchen styles and what cabinets fit your favorite kitchen design best.

What are the popular styles of kitchen cabinets


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