Granite Advantages

Granite is a natural crystalline ingenious rock that is chiefly mined in India, Brazil, and China. Granite has a lot of good properties include a distinct pattern, varied colors, durable, heat and scratch resistant. Among many granite advantages one is that granite is luxurious, durable, and diverse natural material to use in any home and it […]

Countertops Measuring Tips

Once you have decided to fabricate and install your stone project, the next step would be the actual measuring of your countertops. The following tips will make the process much easier and more efficient for you and your granite fabricator. At the time of the final countertops measuring and templating, a decision making adult should be […]

Granite Countertops Pick-Up Tips

Granite Countertops for pick-up are fabricated to your specifications. You are responsible for the final dimensions of your countertops and a legible shop ticket. The shop ticket with the drawing/template is made according to your specifications including dimensions, backsplashes, sinks, hole cut-outs, edge profiles, stone color and overhangs. It is recommended that any changes to the […]

How To Draw A Layout of Kitchen Countertops

To draw a layout of kitchen countertops may seem complicated, but with these tips, your layout will be ready in no time. Start by drawing your counters as simple rectangles and squares. Graphing paper works best, but a clean sheet of printer paper will work too. The layout doesn’t have to be to scale, but try to […]

Granite Counter Tops From Quarry to Kitchen

Fabricating Granite Counter Tops.  Granite Counter Tops From Quarry to Kitchen. Everyone notices a smooth, clean finish of granite kitchen counter tops. This coveted and beautiful stone has been used in construction and remodeling of homes since the days of ancient Egypt, and the processes that involve harvesting, cutting, finishing, and installing stone slabs have […]

Granite and Marble Design Ideas

Granite and Marble Design Ideas. More ways to incorporate granite and marble in your home. Everyone wants their house to look beautiful. Having the right kinds of things in the house is important. Not quantity but right selection and quality matters. Too many things stuffed in the room will make it look worse. If an […]

How To Measure Kitchen Countertops

Many kitchen countertop shops offer in-home measurements and installation. However, handy homeowners can save money by measuring and installing the countertops themselves. Your fabricator will ask for the measurements of your counters. However, fabrication sometimes requires full-size templates. If your kitchen is made of 90-degree cabinet sections, templates are usually unnecessary. Any angled, round, or unique counters require […]

Countertops Installation Tips

On average, a kitchen counertops installation lasts from 2 to 5 hours. Before the installation please remove all items from existing countertops and from the base cabinets. Make sure that walkways, driveways and project sites are accessible. All your cabinets should be installed and leveled; all your appliances, sink and faucet should be at the site. Know the […]

What is Stone

Natural stones are categorized into three geological classifications by their respective formation processes: Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous. Each category can be either Calcareous or Siliceous. Calcareous stone is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, a mineral compound found in stone, shells and pearls. Siliceous stone is composed mainly of silicates, such as quartz, mica. Stone is used […]

What is Marble

The word marble comes from the Greek mármaros which means shining stone. Marble names are derived from locations of the quarries. Carrara from Italy, Pentelicus from Greece, Proconnesus from Turkey. Marble is simply limestone or dolomite rock that has been compressed and/or heated deep within the earth’s crust. Marble contains clay minerals, micas, quartz, pyrite, iron […]