Big kitchen or small kitchen, white and blue will be the dominant colors in 2021

A large, spacious kitchen looks good with white or white and blue.

light green cabinets

As we are all gearing up to potentially another year of spending more time in the house, there’s never been a better year to think about getting a kitchen refurbishment! If you’re thinking of getting a new kitchen designed this year, think about the cabinet’s colors.

Large and spacious kitchen designs are wonderful – they manage to look uncluttered and are easy to tidy. Why not make the most out of the space in your kitchen and install large cabinets with a lot of storage with large drawers where you can really see everything.

You could think about installing an island into a large kitchen, which could also act as a breakfast bar. The most popular color for a large kitchen tends to be white or white wall cabinets with a blue island. White color kitchen conveys joy and elegant style.

Beside white shades, the brown color stained cabinet kitchens are always in fashion because you can see the natural beauty of the wood in stained wood.

Super White dolomite 1 e1637288935245

Compact kitchens

If you don’t have that much space for your kitchen, don’t fret. Compact kitchens are also in, and there are loads of ways to use space well. Make few different designs to review the options and include many drawers. As long as you ensure that every plate, bowl, knife and fork has its own place, you’ll be able to stay organized. Small kitchens often look good when they are a bright color. Because it’s only a small space, your kitchen won’t look too flashy – but it will add a lot of brightness to your day!
Giallo granite and white Shaker

Blue theme

If you like your rooms to have themes, why not make your kitchen look like the seaside? You could match all of your crockeries to the same shade as your splashback and purchase some seaside themed fridge magnets!

There are so many ways to design your kitchen, and it really depends on your personal tastes and needs.


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