The Top 6 Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2021
White cabinetry with quartz countertops

1. White Mate
White gives your kitchen a timeless look that works with any style, whether modern or classic. This crisp color feels vibrant and clean without being overpowering. It allows other elements in your kitchen to shine, and the matte finish is bold and trendy. It looks great when combined with any hardware specially black matte or golden.

2. Off-White
Off-white colors with gray shade or cream are light, airy, and offer something different for your kitchen. These shades are trendy and they are incredibly versatile. Although they work well with various tiles and countertops, off-white colors look especially lovely with Quartz or marble counters.

2 Raised panel cabinets with Delicatus granite

3. Light Gray-Blue and Light Gray-Green
Grey is a popular choice among the 2021 kitchen cabinet colors, but it’s not always easy to pick a pleasant gray with the right undertones. Blue and Green Gray color shades are popular colors in 2021 that fit well into modern designs.
Blue color tones are clean and sophisticated with a plainness that isn’t boring.
Green colors are soothing and they create a feelings of tranquility.

Blue gray cabinets Shaker style

4. Vibrant Dark Blues

Saturated navy blues offer bold contrast when combined with other cabinet colors like white and gray. This statement color that adds depth and warmth makes any minimal design feel alive.

Navy blue office cabinets

5. Black
Black cabinets are deep, dark, and dramatic. Black is a stylish statement color that creates an impact in your kitchen. These cabinets look best when used as a part of a two-toned kitchen design that balances the black with a neutral color.

Black kitchen cabients

6. Brown stained wood cabinet doors
Brow stained natural wood tones are in for 2021. These choices create dark or light colored cabinets with visible wood grains that make your kitchen feel elegant and earthy. The natural wood tones add warmth to any home and give a rich impression.

Raised panel cabinets with granite countertops


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