What Are Nano Glass Countertops?
Carrara Nano Glass

What Are Nano Glass Countertops?

Carrara Nano Glass

Nano Glass countertops are the new countertops material you should consider. They are not only durable and stain resistant but extremely aesthetical and environmentally friendly. Composed by an amalgamation of 75% of silica and 25% of other natural minerals when heated to 1800 degree Celsius. The properties of Nano Glass make it one of the preferred material and an alternative to marble, granite, Quartz and porcelain. 

Nano Glass is used in interiors as well as exterior applications including the kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, commercial wall cladding, window sills, flooring, tables, basins, sinks, furniture decoration, backsplashes and bar tops. When used in the exteriors, they will not discolor from the exposure to ultraviolet light!

Additionally, the material has high resistance to cracking, acid, alkali and food spills while never changing color. Nano Glass is highly dense and non-porous and it has great resistance to corrosion and abrasion. 

Nano Glass exhibits high-temperature resistance, it can withstand high temperatures up to 1000 degree Celsius with no influence on the color, structure, form and shape. 

Nanoglass countertops have been known for their low maintenance. They can be easily cleaned due to their shiny and glossy surface and there is no need to seal the material, unlike the other natural stones that require sealing. 

Homeowners are affirming that Nano Glass countertops are the preferred surfacing material.

Due to its non-toxic and non-radiating qualities, Nano Glass is classified as a green, eco-friendly material that can be easily recycled and reused. As compared to granite and quartz, they are less prone to chipping. 

Nano glass countertops

Nano Glass can be easily molded into other desirable forms and shapes as columns or basins.

Exquisite Nano Glass slab colors are offered and the most popular are white and white with gray veins. Nano Glass slabs are excellent alternative to white marble for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. 

Due to its elegant and opulent look, it makes a great option for minimalist, modern or contemporary style homes. 

Nano Glass acts as a perfect “to-go” solution for outdoor, homes and offices. Its smoothness and aesthetically pleasing looks are bound to transform your kitchens and bathrooms into an elegant realm – eventually offering an ultra-rich look.

Black Nano Glass Slabs

What are Nano Glass countertops

Nano Glass Countertops

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