Things to consider when buying kitchen cabinets

Choosing the proper kitchen cabinets is critical. If you are unable to make the proper selection, your investment would go in vain. The choices of the door style, colors, stained or painted, the size of the cabinets, the type of cabinets, the cabinet material and your budget are all important to select the kitchen cabinet that will serve your needs.

White wash Stain kitchen cabinets

Choose your desired finish
Choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets is one of the crucial decisions. There are many color choices available. You may select the color you like based on your personal preferences and color of your countertops, walls and floor.
Investigate the offered finishes before you buy kitchen cabinets. Investigate a vast range of stain, paint and glaze finishes. Get ideas from magazines to help you choose the finishes for your cabinets. American Wood Cabinets offers over 30 most popular colors to select from or we can make any color you desire.

Choose your desired style
The cabinets come with three most common styles which are shaker style, traditional and contemporary. Shaker cabinets are flat panels with square edges. Traditional style cabinets have raised panel doors with some classical curves and profiles. Finally, contemporary kitchen cabinets feature sleek lines for a clean and modern look. The style of the cabinet is one of the key factors you would be selecting. Choose a style that you love and goes well with the rest of your kitchen.

Hardware, hinges and slides
The doors and drawers should come with soft closed hardware. The hinges and slides or glides should be strong enough so that they can remain in good working condition after many years. Ask for full extension, soft closed drawers that extend completely when you open the drawer.

Select the material
What would you like to have for your cabinet? Ask your supplier what are the doors and boxes made of?
If you want to go for durable quality cabinets, you can consider cabinets with wooden doors. Wood is a popular material used in kitchen cabinets. It has a classic look and high durability.

Apart from wood you can select several other materials that would be comparatively cheaper.

Melamine doors are very popular
and the doors are resistant to stains and scratches. However the melamine doors may not be the best choice for wet areas.

Other option would be painted or stained high grade MDF; Medium-Density Fiberboard or hardboard. High grade MDF offers a smooth finish of the doors and perfect flat surface. This makes MDF an ideal material for making painted cabinet slab doors. Slab doors made out of wood would not be the best option since a large area of wood tends to bend and MDF stays flat.

Cabinet boxes can be built with plywood, melamine or MDF. Plywood will give more rigid cabinets. Always check the drawer box bottoms, if it is 1/4″ thin and flimsy, look for thicker 1/2″ bottoms since it makes the drawer withstand heavier loads. Look for wall cabinet boxes with full 1/2″ thick backs that go on the wall. Wall cabinets are hung on the wall and the back of the cabinets should be rigid. However, a high grade melamine board will do a good job as well.

You can consider both the benefits and the problems associated with the different options and based on that you can make the selection.

After kitchen cabinets

Select your budget.
All decisions will vary depending on the budget. Contact kitchen cabinets suppliers to discuss the cabinet quality, box construction, door finish and hardware. A thorough discussion with the kitchen cabinets professional would also help you to have a fair idea about the prices and quality of your cabinets. Finally, you may establish a budget.

Spend some time and you will be successful in selecting the best cabinet for your kitchen. Your dream kitchen can be ready and you will love spending time at your kitchen. In fact, the best kitchen cabinets would be the one that you and your family members selected.


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