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Quartz Countertops Selection and Free Estimate

Quartz countertops, known also as man made countertops or engineered countertops,  have the best properties of natural stone and laminate countertops. They are made of 92% natural quartz, mixed with resin binders and pigments.

Quartz counters along with natural stones are among the most popular kitchen countertops that can be found today. The Quartz countertops can offer a perfect makeover to your kitchen and they come in a wide range of colors ranging from white, black, beige, gray, red, blue, gold, etc. and also beautiful marble like designs. Quartz countertops are very popular with modern home décor.

There are plenty of benefits of choosing Quartz for your kitchen countertops. Quartz counters will last longer than Corian or formica. Quartz tops are highly durable and almost indestructible. Bacteria takes a very long to take hold of these countertops. They are maintenance free. In addition, Quartz countertops add great value to the home.

Comparing Quartz with marble or granite countertops, Quartz is less porous and that makes it less susceptible to staining.

These benefits make the Quartz countertops a very good option to consider.

On a negative side you cannot put very hot pans and pots on Quartz countertops surface since the counter will burn. Granite or other natural stone will not burn.

Quartz countertops can cost you from $50/SF installed to over $120/SF. Depending upon the brand and of course, the providers. Please note that the most expensive brands have the worse quality Quartz, they are more concern with the marketing of the brands than the quality of the material.

An average estimate for a kitchen is about $4000 including installation. The price depends on the size of countertops, selection of edge profiles and other custom fabrication options.

There are ways you can save on Quartz countertops. Consider the area of countertops to be installed, discounts and offers introduced by fabricators, custom designing and edges. Choosing designs and edges that are less demanding can lower the total cost.

When it comes to choosing the ideal kitchen countertop, you may be overwhelmed with the options that you can access these days.

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