Quartz Countertops Contractors, How to Find the Right One.

Quartz countertops can be a quite investment, so it’s important you get a reliable contractor you trust to install the kitchen tops for you. How exactly can you go about finding the Quartz contractor that’s right for you?

What To Look For:
Friends and family – ask if they used a Quartz countertop contractor. They may know a good reliable contractor.

Reviews – Nothing speaks to the contractor’s ability like the thoughts of the customers that have previously used the services. Don’t be afraid to deep dive into reviews.

Look on their website – Odds are the contractor you’re interested in has a website that lays out their past work with quartz countertops and what options they have. Take a look at pictures and information online.

Sperkling Black granite tops

It is better to hire a Quartz contractor that has in-stock Quartz slabs – Usually, the larger companies with Quartz slabs in-stock offer better quality Quartz and better warranty on their material and labor. If you hire a Quartz contractor without in-stock slabs, you would need to select your slabs from another slab supplier. Such a Quartz contractor will not give you a warranty on the slabs you selected and the contractor would not care if there are some problems in the material.

Important Tips for Selecting Quartz
Colors, patterns, and texture – Does the contractor you’re thinking about buying from offer Quartz slabs in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures? They should! Quartz isn’t a cookie-cutter stone, so make sure you have options from the company you’re buying from.

White and black Quartz countertops

Countertops design and a good advice – Can your contractor help you decide on the best layout, edge profiles, Quartz quality, color selection for your countertops. Your contractor should be able to answer all your questions, give you in writing each step of the measure/template, fabrication and installation process. Also the contractor should offer in writing tips and useful information about Quartz countertops including Quartz maintenance.

When a contractor has a good reputation and can give you a good advice, you can trust that you’re in good hands and that the project will be done in a professional manner. At Factory Plaza, we have your back and are here to guide you throughout your process of selecting and installing Quartz countertops.


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