Soapstone Countertops Care and Maintenance
Soapstone Countertop

How to keep your soapstone countertops looking great!

Soapstone countertops sealing and maintenance can be done by anyone because it is easy.

Soapstone countertops after installation can be left without any impregnation but some people like to saturate the stone with a mineral oil or wax.

Use cloth to apply the mineral oil onto the stone for a wet look, wait for 15 minutes and rub off any excess. This will darken all the stone to almost a black color. Over time, the mineral oil will need to be re-applied to keep all the countertops uniform in color as the oil will evaporate.
After each oil application, you can put the cloth with in a zip lock bag to use it next time.

Mineral oil or wax is used on soapstone but it will not to protect the soapstone from all the stains.
When new soapstone countertops are installed, apply mineral oil to your coutertops more often for two months and after that oil the tops when they are getting lighter.

Stone sealers work with limited effect on soapstone compared to granite or marble. There are two types of sealers. One which will change the color of the soapstone and the other one will not change the original color of the stone.
“Miracle 511 Seal and Enhance” is recommended for darkening and color enhancing. After 2 applications of the color changing sealer, the stone will be darker for 1 to 3 years.

The second type of sealer will leave the natural soapstone color unchanged and will protect the stone from changing color at all. It is recommended to re-apply the sealer every year. To leave the soapstone looking in its natural color, we recommend “Spray-N-Seal.”
If either sealer is scratched through, you may re-apply some of the sealer to that area.

Soapstone Countertops Care is easy and if done every year it will keep the stone look elegant.

If a mark gets on the stone you don’t like, use a light grit sandpaper, it will return to it’s original gray-blue color.

Scratches in the countertops can be hand sanded and polished with sandpapers. Larger and deeper scratches are sanded with 80 grit sandpaper and gradually sanded with higher grit sand papers, 120 grid, next 300, and final 400. Complete the process with applying a sealer or mineral oil.

Soapstone is a soft stone but it is almost impossible for any liquid to penetrate the stone. Soapstone is unaffected by heat or liquids because it is extremely dense.

It is resistant to etching from acids and because of it soapstone is commonly used in chemistry labs due to its durability and natural antibacterial effects.

The soapstone countertops after installation will slowly darken over time from regular use form the original grayish blue stone color.


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