Granite kitchen counter tops for decades


Granite for decades

Granite kitchen counter tops are simply elegant. Granite adds a certain richness, luxury, cleanliness and above all a smooth aesthetically pleasing feature. Compared to other materials, granite and marble can add a unique atmosphere to the kitchen. The kitchen looks fresh, new, and radiant with natural stone counter tops. In residential homes stone is mostly used to make kitchen counter tops, bathrooms vanity tops, windowsills, and fireplace mantels.

Granite, marble and quartzite are now commonly used to make kitchen counter tops. The natural stones project unique visual patterns and colors. Granite comes in so many colors that it can satisfy the personal taste of most homeowners. Among the various colors of granite the most popular are brown, yellow, dark green, black, gray, white, and mixed colors.

For decades, the one room in the home that has always looked gloomy was the kitchen. The majority of kitchens from the past were old fashioned, dull and most things were made of wood, ceramic or plastic. These materials were never appealing. In the last 2 decades, granite counter tops have come into vogue and can immediately impact how a kitchen looks.

Anyone who is thinking of remodeling a kitchen counter top or who wants to have a brand new kitchen should first go online and look at the many catalogs of granite counter tops. The material can add beauty and greatly improve the resale value of your home.

Many large home hardware stores and kitchen design centers do sell the granite counter tops but you can safe money going directly to the fabricator. To select the best fabricator for your granite counter tops, ask for referrals from people or check online reviews. Always check out their work before you hire a granite fabricator. Granite counter tops are a life long investment and it does pay to get the best fabricator.

Once the granite counter top has been installed, there is no more hard work. Maintenance is like any other counter top. Just wipe with a cloth. The counter top is sealed to provide an additional protective layer; and water cannot get inside the granite.

While granite counter tops are elegant, one also needs to look after them. Keep the counter top clean and do not use any fancy chemicals or acids to clean it. A wet piece of cloth is more than adequate. Do not leave oil, wine or juices on the counter tops. If you spill something on the granite counter top, clean it immediately. The more care you give it, the longer it will last and provide you with a very pleasing kitchen outlook.

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