Granite Countertops Sale

granite remnants

⇒ Remnant stone for small projects. 
We can fabricate the granite or Quartz remnant pieces. Minimum order to fabricate $300.
Good option for bathroom vanities, coffee tables, TV stands, bar tops, shower seats, stair risers or other small projects.
Fabrication cost is $15/SF. Additional charges for sink hole cut out or special edge profile may apply.

In stock stone slabs

Pick any piece of remnant you like.
⇒ $6 to $15/Sq.Ft. Remnant random stone pieces about 3FT x 5FT for pick up.
All 1-1/4 thick. Pick the items AS IS. We don’t deliver.

granite table top


Select your remnant stone, the edge profile, sink cut-out if any and we will fabricate it to your specifications.

Price and availability subject to change without prior notice.