Blue and Green Kitchen Cabinets: Trends in 2021 You Need To Know Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

Blue and Green Kitchen Cabinets: Trends in 2021 You Need To Know Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

Baby blue and white cabinets with Calacatta tops

Blue and Green Cabinets bring a sophisticated balance to a kitchen exhibiting a cooler appearance. Even though neutral kitchens are getting highly favored by homeowners across the world, subtle blues and greens are playing absolute magic. Pops of these cooler hues tend to make your kitchen much spacious, relaxing, and inviting. From midnight blue to aqua blue, sage greens to olive greens, the variations of these timeless shades can drastically transform your space into a trendy spotlight of your home. Kitchens are the heart of our homes – so why not jazz them all up?

Falling on the cooler side of the wheel, blue and green kitchen cabinets are much in demand. Seamlessly aligning with classic whites and off-whites, these stylish hues when blended, make a good pair. Blues and greens also when amalgamated with natural wood texture and whites or off-whites, majestically define its character. Kitchens are all about accessories – whether we jazz the cabinets, detail the metal hardware finish, or specify a fantastic countertop material. Hence, it is of utmost importance to focus on these intricate details.


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Well, diving deeper into the details of these color hues – we are fortunate to have ample options of blues and greens on the color wheel. Commencing with the darker shades, Navy Blue is an absolute definition of elegance and boldness, especially when blended with a white countertop. This rich and crisp look of your kitchen further demands bronze-tinted accessories that would definitely add a pinch of drama. On the other hand, Blue Mist and Sunny Aqua are much brighter and airier options to add a feeling of openness to your beloved kitchen. These tranquilizing shades pair up great with whites and off-whites to foster harmony and light in the kitchen. If you are stuck with a tiny kitchen or you are an apartment dweller, here is the right option for you! Paint with lighter blues and see how it enhances your kitchen space.

Greens mimic nature while adding the glam factor to space. There is no doubt these hues are the ‘new cool’ in the industry. If you are a biophilia lover and want to bring some outdoors inside, why not consider subtle greens on the cabinets. These trends are highly admired in the year 2020 and are likely to shine in 2021. Olive green or a bottle green, is more inclined towards the darker end, with utter sophistication and oozing elegance. You could pair them up with gold-tinted metallic accessories and white or beige countertops to let them outshine. Meanwhile, on the other hand, sage greens and aqua greens are a great replacement option for whites. If you want a tinge of shade in the neutral kitchen, why not that be green?

Regardless of what color and design you select, it is important to choose a shade that well complements the interior theme of your house. Let that be green or blue, your cabinets are guaranteed to grab the attention of all those who steal a glance!

Blue green kitchen cabinets


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