White Granite Countertops

White Granite Countertops

Emerging from utmost luxury, white granite countertops have been a trendy and timeless upgrade to many of the kitchens across the world.
Apart from being extremely durable, hard, heat and scratch resistant, these natural stones make an utter brilliant choice for your kitchen counters and the high-traffic areas of your homes. Its cleanness, crisp and sleekness have been grabbing the attention of homeowners and designers while they continue to specify their usage in enhancing the looks of their homes.

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While we dive deeper into the details behind hues and overall geometry, a granite countertop cannot be absolutely white – they might have a predominantly white or an off-white backdrop but variety of colors are common in granite. And due to this characteristic, they are demarcated as versatile and one of the most beautiful examples of natural stones.
Ranging from stunning snow white to creamy white to ivory. White granite countertops are responsible for enhancing your home interiors while brightening it up. They tend to add the ‘glam’ factor to your spaces regardless of the design styles. After all they are timeless, and you will never regret choosing it later in life!
We highly recommend you use light colors countertops in small or loft apartment kitchens as well, as your kitchens will tend to look bigger and brighter.

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However, if you wonder, with plenty of design colors and options, which white granite countertop is the most suitable to be used in your homes?
Well, the answer could be subjective. We highly recommend considering your design style and overall interior theme before choosing a particular color. They could be highly inclined towards a warmer or a cooler tone, or a dark and a lighter tone! Observe the color patterns for your kitchen cabinets, the hardware, the paint, flooring, and backsplash. They will help you in deciding if you want a lighter or darker, warmer, or cooler solution.

Another consideration should be the number of flecks, grains and color  veins in your white granite stone. Are you looking for a cleaner and defined look or maybe patterns and textured statements? However, all of them will impart elegance and sophistication! Their rich look will not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also add immense value to it! Don’t believe it? Yes, it has been proved that these white granite in homes have accounted for greater profits and easier marketability when selling due to its longevity, strength, and aesthetics!

In terms of susceptibility to scratches and resistance to food stains or heat what better could you have than a granite countertop, right?

White will always remain the symbol of an ongoing and everlasting trend. If you plan to give your home a sleek, rich, and opulent look, white kitchen countertops are the answer! It is natural, luminous and will exhibit a subtle modern or contemporary look that you have always been yearning for! Excited to have your own dreamy, white-flaked kitchen? Get in touch with us and our expert team will help your dream come true!


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