What are Quartz Countertops?

Often compared with marble or granite countertops, Quartz countertops has been a proven entity of durability, strength, and aesthetics. Homeowners and builders around the world have constantly questioned the source of this material. Whether it’s a natural stone or if it has been engineered in factories. This material constitute of natural quartz stone, binding plastic resins and colorants.

Please note that “Quartz” is a brand name for Quartz slabs, referred to as “engineered” or “man-made” countertop. On the other hand, “quartz” is a natural mineral abundant in stone.

Blue gray cabinets Shaker style

Quartz mineral is one of the hardest minerals available on Earth and it is found in extreme abundance. Therefore, this natural material makes a good and reliable option to make Quartz countertops. 

Quartz countertops vary in the amount of quartz mineral depending on the manufacturer. The percentage of crushed quartz silica in countertops is about 85% to 95%. 

Quartz countertops design options is impeccable. Known for utmost sophistication and versatility, these beautiful designs, colors, and patterns have been ruling modern-day kitchens. If you are designing a LEED building or following the principles of sustainability in your buildings, we highly recommend you use these countertops – they are green and eco-friendly. Since most of its content is made from stone or industrial waste, this stone also serves the purpose of reducing harmful and toxic waste. 

Quartz countertops high-grade qualities like high resistance to stain and bacteria make them a suitable option to be used on the kitchen countertops. Quartz holds an upper hand on marble and granite as this material doesn’t require sealing, hence, lesser maintenance. What else does a homeowner need, right?

On the contrary to marble and granite countertops, quartz countertops are stronger and less prone to chipping.

Aside from all the benefits, Quartz countertops may burn or discolor on contact with very hot pan.

In terms of maintenance, it is quite easy to clean quartz countertops. Just a soft cloth with mild soap rubbing will do.

Apart from the countertop functions, Quartz also plays a major role as flooring in shopping malls and Airports. Hence, this stone clearly wins the multi-functional situations.

red white quartz kitchen tops

When specifying Quartz countertops design style, it is important to note the texture and appearance. The colors could be absolutely solid or monochromatic – you may start to see the variance in their veins or boldly patterned designs. Meanwhile, the color palette showcases earthy or neutral tones that are further responsible for enhancing the looks of the countertops. However, it’s quite a possibility for the colors to be extravagant and unique – mainly, blood reds, midnight blues, emerald greens, and tinted gold. Some particular quartz could have a shiny appearance, with a sparkle that exhibits jewel-like looks. 

These countertop finishes are affordable and range somewhere between mid to high range as compared to granite and marble countertops. So, are you enthralled to specify Quartz countertops for your brand-new kitchens or remodels?


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