The truth about 350% tariffs on Quartz

Cambria’s trade petition, which is simply an attempt to fatten its already high profits to the detriment of other manufacturers in the U.S. quartz industry, as well as U.S. quartz consumers.

Over 50,000 American manufacturing jobs in the U.S. fabricating industry are being threatened by trade restrictions proposed by a single quartz slab producer, Cambria, LLC.

The American Quartz Worker Coalition is the voice of U.S. fabricators, distributors, installers and importers of quartz countertops.

The Coalition is organized to fight efforts by one company, Cambria LLC, to secure trade restrictions from the U.S. government that would result in huge cost increases for imported quartz and remove approximately 50% of the supply of quartz from the market.

The Coalition is dedicated to protecting tens of thousands of well-paying quartz-related U.S. fabricating jobs and preserving an affordable product for American customers.

“There are two very distinct market segments for quartz countertops and ‘looks’ in the U.S.—the luxury
market and the mass market—with little competition between them,” said Rupesh, Shah, Co-President
of MS International. “Cambria already dominates the premium luxury market with high-priced specialty
products and is highly profitable as a result. U.S. fabricators, who serve the mass market and account
for over 50,000 manufacturing jobs throughout all 50 states, rely on these imports to provide consumers
with affordable quartz countertop products. If these duties are imposed, U.S. fabricators across the
country will suffer.”

“The ‘Legend of Cambria’ is that fabricators don’t matter, and that is why we have come together to
form this Coalition,” continued Bedrosian. “We will tell the real story and ensure that the facts about
the entire U.S. quartz industry are heard and considered by the ITC.

What does Cambria say about the thousands of U.S. fabricators who employ tens of thousands of workers?
Cambria claims that the role of fabricators is so insufficient and immaterial that they should be ignored by the U.S. Government. 

How can I help?
Add your voice to the American fabricators and importers who have joined the Coalition.  We need you and other hard-working Americans to speak out against this case. There is no cost to join the coalition.  For additional information visit American Quartz Worker Coalition



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