Cemento Quartz

Cemento quartz
Cemento Quartz slab

Slab Specs: 
Primary Color(s): Gray
Accent Color(s): 
Material Type: Quartz

Price Range: Medium
Finish: Polished 
Slab Thickness: 3cm


Cemento Quartz offers both timeless beauty and remarkable versatility. Its elegant gray hue, complemented by delicate gray and off-white veins, effortlessly matches any color palette. Whether you prefer a neutral look or aim for a striking statement, Cemento Quartz serves as the ideal foundation!


In a kitchen, pairing white cabinetry with stone countertops featuring subtle gray speckles introduces texture and depth, creating a captivating monochromatic ambiance. Not only is this material aesthetically versatile, but it also boasts durability. Its nonporous nature guards against common issues like stains, scratches, and water damage. However, it’s important to exercise caution with high temperatures; always use trivets or mats to protect the surface.


With Cemento gray quartz, you can infuse your home with luxury and sophistication without relying on natural stone. Additionally, this manufactured material offers customizable styling options to ensure it aligns perfectly with your preferences.