Calacatta Florence Quartz

Calacatta Florence Quartz
Calacatta Florence Quartz slab

Slab Specs: 
Primary Color(s): White
Accent Color(s): Gray
Material Type: Quartz

Price Range: Medium
Finish: Polished 
Slab Thickness: 3cm


Calacatta Florence’s mesmerizing veins and dramatic pattern make it an ideal choice for creating spectacular kitchen countertops, waterfall islands, shower surrounds, and vanity tops. With its stunning resemblance to true Italian marble yet superior durability and maintenance ease, this engineered stone is perfect for both residential as well as commercial purposes.

Calacatta Florence quartz is a unique and custom color of quartz that not only looks stunning, but it also provides increased durability compared to marble. This exquisite engineered stone has all the captivating features of traditional marble without any drawbacks.

This material is beyond enduring, and its non-porous nature helps it endure even the most typical home risks – aside from heat.

Are you seeking to add a sophisticated edge to your home décor? If so, Calacatta Florence quartz should be at the top of your list. This engineered stone is nothing short of luxurious and will keep heads turning in any space it occupies. With its superior quality construction, investing in this material may turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever make for your interior design upgrades!