Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

In the last two years, many people have opted to upgrade their homes, particularly their kitchens! We here at Factory Plaza are thrilled to assist anyone in upgrading their kitchen to better fit their needs!

Below are some popular cabinet colors of the last two years and some predictions for the future (of cabinet colors, that is)!

White and Gray

It is no surprise that white and gray colors are the top choice of cabinet colors. One of the reasons that white or light gray are such a great colors for kitchens is that they make the kitchen look larger. White or grey are perfect neutral colors that can pair well with many backsplash or countertop colors. It’s also a great way to make your kitchen feel more modern and sleek.

Green and Blue

The most classic shades tends to be blue and sage, but some opt for emerald green as well! Paired with a tile or stone backsplash, it can make your kitchen feel like a natural sanctuary! Green and blue and can help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


While wood (especially warmer woods) were thought of as a choice that fizzled out in the 90s- it is coming back! Natural wood cabinets add warmth to the kitchen that can be paired with either dark or light colors. It creates an inviting and cozy kitchen!

Dark Colors

It used to be that most people were told never to do dark colors for walls or cabinets. The thought being that it can make a room feel smaller, or show dirt more easily. Now we know this isn’t true! Dark colors add a wonderful ambiance to kitchens- and can be played upon to make the room more dramatic or, stylized to make the room feel serene.

Now that we’ve gone through the current trends, here are some that we anticipate will become popular within the next year!

Bold Colors and Maximalism

Maximalism is, you guessed it, the opposite of minimalism. This means bold colors, bold patterns, and bold decorations. Vibrant yellows, greens, blues, and pinks are sure to make their way into many kitchens this upcoming year!

Mixed Materials

Mixed materials are projected to be a big feature of kitchens in the next year. Things like wood and metal, or natural tone and glossy tiles!

When you’re ready to redesign and upgrade your kitchen, Factory Plaza is here to help! For 17 years, we have proudly helped our clients create the room of their dreams with our high-quality materials. Hundreds of glowing reviews make it easy to see why people trust us! To get started on your renovation or upgrade, visit us online or call us at 630-616-9999!


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