Marble Flooring

3d marble floring

Marble has been the preferred choice of the wealthy since time began and the trend has not changed. On a global basis there is a lot of demand for marble flooring. Even today, those who can afford spend extra money on marble, end up purchasing it. Marble floors will last long, look beautiful and the maintenance is easy. From simple edifices to rich Roman and Indian architecture marble has a unique appeal. Another reason people love marble flooring is the fact that this stone is naturally cool. It can help lower temperatures in a home.

Maintenance Of Marble Flooring
Since marble is more porous than granite, it is more likely to stain if not maintained properly. One can not let a spilled drink stand for too long otherwise you risk it staining the floor. Metal that is allowed to rust on marble will leave horrible rust stains that are tough to remove. Remember to always use cleaners that are specially made for marble. Do not use cleaners with acid. Marble flooring if sealed and maintained properly will always look beautiful.

Marble floors are not without their faults. Marble flooring if wet, it is extremely slippery so it is usually installed indoors. Marble flooring is susceptible to scratches if any sharp thing is run over it – for instance dragging furniture on its surface could scratch it. There are chemical products and compounds which can help in getting rid of the scratches. Cracks are the biggest problem of marble flooring if not installed properly . In case any heavy material falls on a marble surface, it may crack the surface and it is difficult to repair it.

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