Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island became almost a default part of every new kitchen and the kitchen is often open to other rooms. Adding an island to your kitchen is a great way to increase both counter space and storage space.

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Islands add counter space
Having more counter space adds obvious benefits: more room for meal prep, accommodate guests or multiple cooks, kids doing homework. The extra countertop can also become a favorite spot to sip coffee in the morning or eat a dinner at night.

Islands add storage space
Arguably the most significant advantage of having a kitchen island is the added space it provides. Most of the times islands are built with cabinetry, and those cabinets provide storage space for pots, pans and other kitchen tools. Islands may double the storage space available in the kitchen.

Kitchen island countertop
The island is the focal point in the kitchen, it is a perfect space for cooking and entertaining.
You’ll probably put hot pots on your kitchen countertops, so you have to consider heat-resistant countertops like: Quartzite, Granite, Dolomite, Marbe or Soapstone.
For a care-free countertop, choose Quartz but it is not heat resistant. If you want to know more about pros and cons of kitchen countertops please review the countertops comparison page.

Kitchen island cabinets
Island cabinets can mimic the rest of the kitchen by using cabinets in the same finish and style or you can create a contrast by using a different material or color for the island cabinets.
Most people contrast the cabinets color from countertops color, if your regular countertops are white, try black or a dark cabinets. Making contrast between cabinets and countertops will better expose the counters. To bland the cabinets and countertops together, select similar color of cabinets and countertops.

The Kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a household. Designing island can make the kitchen elegant and functional for you. Considering that people always want more of countertops space, kitchen island is a huge win.


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