Important things you should know when buying cabinets and countertops

Before making the final decision to buy your kitchen cabinets or countertops, it is the time to think about your budget, the quality of the material you will be getting, and a reliable supplier you will be buying from.

Find a cabinetmaker with open prices to the public, posted on the Internet. If the cabinetmaker doesn’t offer prices to the public but asks for you budget, most likely the prices will be high.
If you are buying countertops, skip the stone distributor middleman. Find the fabricator that is importing slabs directly from quarries.
To find out how much the countertops could cost, enter your countertops sizes at the countertops cost calculator.

Reliable supplier
Nowadays it is easy to select the reliable, honest and with open prices company. If you don’t have good referrals, just check the reviews at Google, BBB, Angie’s List…. Look for a company with the most reviews, at least 30 reviews for the past 5 or more years. 4 or more star rating should be good enough.
If you did not deal with home remodeling before, trust this good advice.
The stone countertops are fabricated locally because each countertop is custom made. Visit countertops fabricators with years of experience and with a lot slabs in stock where you have variety of choices. Ask the fabricator which stone is best. See the countertops comparison.

Quality of the material
Cabinets made in the USA are a lot better quality and will last longer than cabinets imported by distributors.
USA cabinetmakers make quality the most important factor because building a good reputation will bring most sales on a long run.
On the other hand the suppliers selling imported cabinets tend to close and open their warehouses with a new business name. The imported cabinet’s finish will not last long. A lot of customers found it out only after few years of use. For example, the wood is very often not stained but the lacquer is colored to save some money. The lacquer is peeling off and the white wood is showing around handles within one year of use. The USA cabinetmakers are staining the wood and the top quality clear coat is applied on top. Only quality finish is used that will not peel off.


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