Granite Countertops Pick-Up Tips

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Granite Countertops for pick-up are fabricated to your specifications. You are responsible for the final dimensions of your countertops and a legible shop ticket. The shop ticket with the drawing/template is made according to your specifications including dimensions, backsplashes, sinks, hole cut-outs, edge profiles, stone color and overhangs. It is recommended that any changes to the shop ticket be agreed in writing before production.

In the shop ticket if the edges are marked with an “X” they will be finished. If they are marked with an “O” a backsplash will be placed there. If they are marked with a “=” the edge is next to an appliance, pantry, wooden panel, etc. Unmarked edges will be treated as a wall and will not be finished.

Mark the center of the sink in the drawing.

Before choosing the sink, make sure the sink will fit into the cabinet base.

Standard distance from the front of the sink to the edge of the counter is 4”. Remember that the size of the overhand you choose, influences the 4” number. Inform how many faucet holes your project requires. These will be centered evenly unless otherwise specified. Leave enough room to install the faucet, usually 4.5” is enough.

Once you select your slabs for your project, you can instruct how to cut them. Factory Plaza’s project manager can help you with the layout and placement of seams but ultimately it is your decision on vein directions, matching colors and seams.

Please inspect all materials prior to fabrication and mark the layout on the chosen slabs for your project. It is recommended to take photos of the selected slabs. Remember, granite fabricators are fabricating what you specify.

Sink holes are made according to the sink cut-out templates. Customers supplying their own sink cut-out templates are responsible for supplying the correct templates. Granite fabricators are not responsible for any errors resulting from inaccurate templates provided by sink companies. The top and front edge of the sink template should be clearly marked as well.

Sinks are designed for different applications; to be mounted under or over the granite top.

In most cases it is necessary to seam countertops together. While working on a shop ticket, keep in mind that slabs vary in size and locations of seams may affect how much stone will be used, therefore it may impact the final cost.

Granite countertops pickup orders are custom made, there are no returns or refunds in case you change your mind.

When picking up your order, inspect each piece and sizes of your order including sizes of holes.

Granite is heavy and we strongly recommend that you bring help with you on your pick up date.

We recommend that granite be carried in a vertical position. Never lay granite flat. In addition it should be firmly secured to an “A” frame with straps and/or “C” clamps to avoid problems that may arise during transportation

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