Santa Cecilia Granite

Santa Cecilia granite
Santa Cecilia granite slab

Slab Specs:
Primary Color(s): Beige, Brown
Accent Color(s): Gold, Black
Material Type: Granite

Country: Brazil
Finish: Polished 
Slab Thickness: 3cm
Price Range: Low


The gorgeous Santa Cecilia granite is one of the most popular natural stones, boasting a beautiful blend of yellow, gold, black and burgundy hues. Many designers incorporate this magnificent stone as bathroom or kitchen countertops – it looks stunning in either space!

Santa Cecilia granite is an ideal fit for any home thanks to its beauty and durability. Whether you are looking to elevate your space’s aesthetic or add a functional layer of protection, Santa Cecilia granite can make all the difference. What’s more – it will continue providing these advantages for years with minimal maintenance on the homeowner’s part! It comes as no surprise that this natural stone tops many wish lists around the world.