Granite and Marble Makes A Good Impression


For thousands of years granite and marble have been thought of as the most luxurious building material available. From palaces in Rome, Greece or Egypt to some of the most important buildings throughout history, granite and marble have been associated with wealth and success. What better way to bring new life and value into your house than to use granite or marble? Whether in tile form, fireplace mantel or as beautiful countertops there are many ways to incorporate this magnificent stone into your home. You may not have noticed but look at some of the most important and beautiful buildings structures in your city. You will probably notice that many grand buildings and statues are made of or at least adorned in granite or marble. It is as if something is truly important or respected, there is no other way to capture it than in granite and marble. Surprisingly it can be relatively affordable to bring this celebrated stone into your home.

Nothing is more impressive when entering someone’s home than seeing a foyer tiled in granite and marble. This makes a first impression that calls for both respect and admiration of your success. Another beautiful and elegant use of stone in your home is granite or marble fireplace mantels, countertops, statues, murals or other stone décor. Aside from the fact that granite and marble is probably the most gorgeous material you could choose for your home decoration, the next best attribute of stone is its durability and resistance to scorching, staining or nicks. Also being a stone surface it is much easier to keep clean and sanitary than surfaces like laminate or wood. The ease of cleaning makes granite and marble the perfect surface for bathroom wall surrounds and floors.

Granite and marble is the perfect material for floors throughout your house as well. With hardwood floors there is the constant maintenance with waxing and cleaning, and the fear of it getting gouged. With laminate the slightest amount of moisture on the floor will make it swell and crack. Granite or marble is strong, beautiful and durable, not to mention maintenance is about as simple as a wet mop across the marble. Granite and marble medallions or mosaics placed in the floor make the room stunning. Nowadays mosaics are very popular on kitchen walls above countertops.

Your house should be your personal palace, a place where you feel happy and comfortable. So why not accent your house with granite and marble the way palaces have been for millennia. Granite and marble will bring you a feeling of success and satisfaction. Granite and marble from different parts of the word forms in different colors, this is why the Romans would use many types of granite and marble in their structures to show the reach of their mighty empire. Of course you don’t need to show the reach of your empire, but a stone mosaic with different types of granite or marble can make a very powerful statement in your home. All said granite and marble are one of the most luxurious, durable, and diverse materials to use in your home, and it will give you the satisfaction of owning the best. Truly granite and marble is the perfect way to glorify your home and make it your personal palace.


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