Granite and Marble Design Ideas

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Granite and Marble Design Ideas. More ways to incorporate granite and marble in your home.

Everyone wants their house to look beautiful. Having the right kinds of things in the house is important. Not quantity but right selection and quality matters. Too many things stuffed in the room will make it look worse.
If an individual’s house is well decorated with granite and marble, guests often prize and marvel the interiors or exteriors of the house.

What mainly comes to mind when you think of granite and marble design ideas? Kitchen countertops? Bathroom vanities? Perhaps flooring now and again in public buildings? These are popular applications of granite and marble, and they all certainly have their place. Stone is available in a wide price range and many people are just becoming aware of its affordability.
But there are actually many other ways to incorporate stone into a home. Here are some ways you can include this lovely product of nature in your house.

Fireplace Mantles
Surround your fireplace with a granite mantle to make an elegant focal point. The flecks and swirls of various colors in the stone will glimmer in the firelight, and granite is naturally heat-resistant so it’s a perfect contender for a fireplace. If you like to sit by the fire at night with your family, consider adding granite as a mantle piece for the visual benefit of everyone.

A stone medallion is essentially a pattern made from pieces of stone that have been laid onto one large base. They’re used on the floors or on the walls. You can find various designs, all of which make the perfect natural art. Because medallion is one composite piece, it’s easy to install. You might consider installing one in your entryway, master bathroom, patio or pool. It can bring art and color to some otherwise artless places.

Beautiful 3 dimensional stone murals are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, shower walls or framed as a wall hanging harmoniously incorporated into the room.

Basins and Sinks
You may think stainless steel, porcelain, or glass when you think of sinks, but stone is also a popular sink material these days. If you’d like to go all natural in your bathroom, granite is a terrific stone to use. It’s elegant and durable, resistant to common stains, and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to remain beautiful. You can find granite sinks, including pedestal style, but also basins, which add a sleek, modern edge to this timeless material. It’s a touch of luxury and refinement in any bathroom.

A fresh look appears in the kitchen when granite countertops are installed. Each slab of granite looks different from the next. One can select from a wide range of colors. The uniqueness of granite makes the interior of the room look beautiful and attractive.

Table Tops
A step away from a countertop, granite tops make a beautiful coffee table or dining table. When visitors comes, you have a fabulous place to gather, and when they’re gone a little soap and water cleans up perfectly. Even if you plan to use your granite table top everyday, a little mild cleaning and wiping up of spills will keep it shiny and healthy for a long time. Granite also makes for a solid desktop for an office or even just a home office.

Now you can see that you have many more ways to bring a little granite and marble into your home. You no longer need to wait until a kitchen renovation to consider granite or marble. A simple sink upgrade in your bathroom or mural on the wall for instance, or a new dining room table top can work just as well.


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