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Granite and marble countertops order process useful tips

When you are selecting a granite slab, keep in mind that slabs vary in size. Your counter top may be longer than the length of the slab. In this case it may be necessary to seam your counter tops together. This is fairly common. The effectiveness of the color match of your seam varies depending on the color pattern of the stone selected. The installers do their best to hand match the seam color to your stone. Some variance should be expected.

Another thing to consider when choosing material is that some stones have natural fissures or pits in them. Fissures are hairline crevices in the stone surface, while pits are surface air gaps created during rock formation. These are sealed and should be of no concern. Please note that fissures are different than cracks. Cracks are lines of physical separation. The stone has split. Cracks are not acceptable and should be pointed out at the time of installation. Not all stones have fissures. If you are concerned that the stone you have chosen may have fissures, let your sales rep know, and she or he will be happy to clarify this.

Granite is not indestructable. In rare cases, when cutting or during the install process, tiny chips pop out of the bottom edge. The problem can be instantly corrected with epoxy and should not be very noticeable.

There are a few things you can expect during and after your installation. Granite blocks are cut into slabs in many countries and different equipment is used to cut the slabs. Because of this you cannot expect each piece to be exactly an inch and a quarter thick. When installed this thickness variation is compensated. Overall, you can expect the top surface of your counters to be leveled in accordance with granite industry guidelines.

When the technician come to measure your countertops, please have your countertops accessible. Your existing counters must remain completely free of appliances and other items in order to get a precise reading.

Before the installation crew arrives, please make sure that your cabinets are empty. This will aid the installers and guarantee that nothing of value will be damaged.

Finally, the installers come to complete the job. You should take the time to make sure that your granite is not chipped. This may be repaired at the time of installation. If this is noticed at a later date it may become difficult to determine the cause. Sometimes other contractors make chips when they are finalizing their plumbing or tile jobs.

30 minutes after sealing your countertops, you can clean them with a dry, clean cloth but do not use any liquid on them for 24 hours.

Remember that you should never clean your granite with any harsh chemicals, as this may compromise the finish of your tops. Clean surfaces with neutral, mild household cleaners, few drops of Murphy’s Oil Soap®” and warm water or use natural stone care products.

Stone characteristics vary from color to color. Because of this, there is no “real” schedule for sealing. Basically, if you should ever see your stone absorbing water then your granite should be sealed. The sealer can be purchased at our shop or in most hardware stores. Before sealing, make sure your counters are clean and dry. Following these rules will ensure that your granite countertops stay beautiful.


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