European Style Frameless Cabinets

30% discount on bulk purchases

Melamine Cabinets

Order Qty Fulfillment 60%
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  • Club buyers get 30% discount 
  • Order Qty Fulfillment: 200 cabinets
  • Minimum order per buyer: 20 cabinets
  • Join with other buyers and enjoy a 30% discount on bulk orders.
  • Buyers will be notified once orders reach 200 cabinets.
  • You will get finalized order information and cost.
  • From that point buyers need to confirm their orders and make the payment to begin cabinet production.
  • Each order is custom made to your specifications.
  • Upon confirming your order, the manufacturing period is 2 to 3 weeks.

Same cost for our regular-sized cabinets or custom cabinets, designed to your precise requirements.

Melamine 5-piece Shaker Style Cabinets

Order Fullfilment 10%

To start the process, just send us your cabinet design.

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Melamine intrigue and marble kitchen.
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