Countertops Installation Tips

Counter tops order process

On average, a kitchen counertops installation lasts from 2 to 5 hours.

Before the installation please remove all items from existing countertops and from the base cabinets. Make sure that walkways, driveways and project sites are accessible. All your cabinets should be installed and leveled; all your appliances, sink and faucet should be at the site.

Know the location of your water and gas valves to disconnect them when asked.
After the installation wait 24 hours before using sink or reinstalling any plumbing. The glue has to cure.
Make sure you or your authorized agent over age of 18 is present at the time or upon job completion to verify and approve the stone installation.

Granite blocks are cut into slabs in many countries and different equipment is used to cut the slabs. Because of that, you cannot expect each piece to be exactly 1¼ inch thick. This thickness variation is compensated when two pieces of granite are seamed. Overall, you can expect the top surface of your counters to be level in accordance with granite industry guidelines.

Granite is strong but not indestructible. In rare cases, when cutting or installing, tiny chips pop out of the bottom edge. The problem can be instantly corrected with epoxy and should not be very noticeable.

Due to the length of your kitchen, it may be necessary to seam your counter tops together. This is fairly common.

To prevent granite pieces from breaking during transportation, some cuts like topmount sink cutout or drop-in cook top must be done on the job site. The installers do the best to contain the dust, however some may escape. If you have allergies to dust, you can seal off the room in order to prevent dust from traveling to other rooms in your house.

Faucet holes will be drilled near the end of the installation; it is important that you have a faucet at this time, so we can verify the number and sizes of holes.

The granite installers mount the sinks but they do not hook up the water – they don’t have tools or supplies to do it. Sinks are sold without drains, you may need one when installing a new sink.

The installers use silicone caulking when installing the granite but they don’t caulk between the backsplash and the wall.

Finally, the installers are there to complete the job. Please inspect your kitchen after the installation is completed. Take the time to make sure that your granite is not chipped. You should check the overhangs, the level, and overall appearance of the stone. In many cases, most of these things can be fixed at the time of the install.

After installation, the sinks should not be used for one day. Also to avoid cracking of the countertops do not step on or push the counters, the silicone which was applied under the tops needs to harden for one day. Please inform about it all family members, the plumber and your contractors.

After the granite sealer is applied, the tops should not get wet for a day. In order to do its job,  the granite sealer needs time to harden. You can clean the countertops with a dry cloth 30 minutes after applying the sealer.


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