How to Clean Quartz Countertops

The best way to clean a quartz countertop is with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. You can use a diluted dish soap mixture or a gentle disinfectant. Quartz is resistant to bacteria, so you never need to use harsh cleaners. Avoid using bleach, which can discolor your quartz. Whether you’re remodeling your […]

What are Quartz Countertops?

Often compared with marble or granite countertops, Quartz countertops has been a proven entity of durability, strength, and aesthetics. Homeowners and builders around the world have constantly questioned the source of this material. Whether it’s a natural stone or if it has been engineered in factories. This material constitute of natural quartz stone, binding plastic […]

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Close your eyes and picture a perfect kitchen setting! What comes first? Well, we are sure it’s nothing, but a sleek set of kitchen cabinets perfectly aligned in distinct colors of your choice, right? Yes! That’s how a primary element of the kitchen should look like! Cabinets play a major role in defining the overall […]

White Granite Countertops

White Granite Countertops Emerging from utmost luxury, white granite countertops have been a trendy and timeless upgrade to many of the kitchens across the world. Apart from being extremely durable, hard, heat and scratch resistant, these natural stones make an utter brilliant choice for your kitchen counters and the high-traffic areas of your homes. Its […]

Quality American Made Cabinetry, “American Wood Cabinets”

Quality American Made Cabinetry, “American Wood Cabinets” Quality kitchen cabinets that offer you choice, durability, and design? We wouldn’t offer anything less. Did you know we’re one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in the Midwest?  We pride ourselves on offering our customers quality cabinetry with top craftsmanship. When you’re ready to choose cabinets […]

Quartz Care and Maintenance

Quartz Care and Maintenance Quartz does not requires sealing.For daily cleaning of Quartz countertops wipe the surface with a soft cloth and warm water. Mild soap can be used.For stubborn or greasy clean-ups use a gentle liquid cleaner like Mr. Clean, 409, Simple Green or Fantastic.Always test small area before cleaning the whole surface.Bon Ami […]

Shaker, raised panel, flat panel, recessed door, slab, what?

Shaker Style Shaker style cabinet door is a five-piece door. 4-piece frame and 1 recessed center flat panel. Shaker cabinets are popular for their timeless style and the ability to got with traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.   The classic, simple look never goes out of fashion since it was created over 200 years ago. […]

2020 Kitchen Cabinets Trends

Hot 2020 kitchen cabinet design trends White continue to dominate for many year and gray tones are still popular. Stain wood tones are prominent. Light and bright kitchens continue to be trendy in 2020. Two-toned cabinets as white wall cabinets and espresso island option or white uppers and blue or black base cabinets are popular. […]

Kitchen cabinets wood doors considerations

Variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, burl graining, knots and black eye are the beauty of nature and not considered defects.Paint and and stain may have a slight difference in tones between doors, face frames, moldings or other parts.Glazed component will have a finish appearance variations.Painted solid wood doors that are glazed add stability against […]