Kitchen cabinets wood doors considerations

Variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, burl graining, knots and black eye are the beauty of nature and not considered defects.Paint and and stain may have a slight difference in tones between doors, face frames, moldings or other parts.Glazed component will have a finish appearance variations.Painted solid wood doors that are glazed add stability against […]

How to Determine the Best Countertop Material for a Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to updating or renovating your kitchen, there are a number of important factors to consider. Above all, style, durability and cost top the list of concerns for most homeowners. There are a lot of decisions to be made, from the type of appliances you’ll need, to cabinet finishes and hardware, flooring and […]

ABCs of Kitchen Cabinets and Specifications

Style, type and price of kitchen cabinets are one of the most important things to consider when you are thinking about remodeling and designing your kitchen. A thoughtful remodel can make a kitchen functional and enjoyable, whether cooking dinner or hosting a party. Kitchen Cabinets Styles: Raised Panel cabinet door has a center panel with […]

Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

Melamine kitchen cabinets are known for their attractiveness, durability, and affordability. Due to its construction, melamine is an incredibly popular option for kitchen and bathroom cabinets worldwide. In the USA melamine is mostly used for office furniture. How melamine boards and doors are made?Melamine board is a particleboard laminated with hard plastic material also know […]

Granite Journey From Quarry To Your Kitchen

First, the raw granite is mined from the granite rocks in the earth. Granite blocks are obtained from special sites that are known as quarries. Today, most of granite used for countertops in United States come from Brazil, India, Italy, Norway and China. In order to get the granite into transportable blocks, small holes are […]

Quartzite countertops Pros and Cons

Is quartzite good for kitchen countertops? Quartzite is one of the best materials for countertops. It is hard, highly resistant to scratches and stains, has desirable light colors with veiny pattern. Searching for the right kitchen countertop could be overwhelming for anyone. Your first step is to partner with an expert in the industry who will understand […]

Quartz Countertops Pros and Cons

What is Quartz? Quartz is a man-made product. This “engineered” stone is made from ground quartz mineral (about 92 percent), combined with polyester resins to bind it and pigments to give it color. For some designs, small amounts of recycled glass or metallic flecks are added to the mix. Marble look Quartz slabs are the […]

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Get Quote Kitchen Cabinets List Acrylic strength, durability and the elegant look is what makes acrylic one of the most popular kitchen cabinets materials. What is acrylic?Acrylic is a hard synthetic high quality plastic, it represents a family of petroleum-based thermoplastics. Acrylic has many brand names or trademarks: Plexiglas, Lucite, Crylite, Perspex, Oroglass, Optix, Altuglass. […]

Granite Office Desks

Spice up your office desks with granite, nano glass or Quartz tops. Granite slabs can be used to create custom desks. Executive Desk can be topped with an elegant granite top that adds sophistication and a touch of earthiness to the space. Granite or marble signifies majesty and serenity. Natural stone is affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing materials and […]

Engineered Stone Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops Selection and Free Estimate Quartz countertops, known also as man made countertops or engineered counertops,  have the best properties of natural stone and laminate countertops. They are made of 92% natural quartz, mixed with resin binders and pigments. Quartz counters along with natural stones are among the most popular kitchen countertops that can […]